Sprocket Fun!

After shooting the first roll of 120 film, I decided to try using the 35mm panorama adapter again. My main intention was to achieve an old school/vintage photos feel with the sprockets.

I have zero background knowledge in photography. Jargons like aperture, shutter speed, exposure time, ISO, focal length etc essentially sound like a foreign language to me. One day, it will make sense to me and I will help you make sense of it.

With the 120 films, shooting in the square format, I only have 12 takes. However, changing to the 35mm films, I could take up to 30 frames, if all goes well. The 35mm films do not come with a paper backing like the 120 films, hence, the back cover of the Holga had to be changed to one that is entirely covered or the red window opening had to be taped up. Either way, you could never tell how much to wind between every frame. Most users estimate an approximate of 30~35 clicks for every frame. The number of clicks reduces, as the film on the take-up spool gets thicker – more film gets rolled up with every click. The last issue to deal with is that you could only rewind the film back into the canisters in a dark room or a dark changing bag. I brought my Holga straight to the photo lab where they removed and wound up my film in a black box.

As the 35mm film is much more economical, I took my Holga out and had an afternoon of trigger-happy frenzy. As I waited for the film to be developed, I kept my fingers crossed and hoped that somehow, I got something right.

It does not sound professional or technical, I think this approach works for me. I want to capture the imperfections of life. At this point in time, it is still all very much about experimenting and going with my instincts. In time, I will work hard on the basic techniques of photography.

Here are some of my favourite pictures from the roll, I welcome your comments. Thanks!

The Field
The Game Outside
Mirror Image
The Drive Home
The Colorful Playground

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