Shooting with Film

Here are some snippets, from Yen Magazine, which inspired/influenced me and my attitude towards this hobby.

“I shot this photo on my Holga using 6×6 film. It’s always exciting to shoot on this plastic camera; you’re never quite sure how your photos will turn out. Luckily, I think my Holga did a beautiful job. The soft tones, dreamy quality and the way the naked tree and its reflection meet are really quite lovely.” – Melanie Watkins

“I still find the medium of film takes patience, which is a rare commodity in this day and age.” – Sam Ash

“That’s because I like how it looks, but also it’s not what I thought it would be. Coincidence is always a factor and you just have to run with it and see where it goes.” – Sarah St Clair

“I believe you have to be more considerate and thoughtful while shooting with film. You don’t have the luxury of snapping away aimlessly, unless you have unlimited film of course. I find I slow down, breathe, compose the shot and take the time to consider if I’ll even shoot or not. Often I find myself looking through the viewfinder, only to put my camera away again. I also enjoy the time between shooting and developing. Although there are downsides, when the film is returned, you always discover something about the shot that you didn’t notice when first taking it.” – James W. Mataitis Bailey

Initially, when I was first attracted to this hobby, the idea of “shooting from the hips; shooting without thinking” was very appealing. With every roll, this has changed. Perhaps partly due to the economic factor of purchasing and developing film. Every shot is now much more thought out. Of course, the Holga is not going to work like a SLR or rangefinder, giving me much control over the snap. But I do try to put in more thought into composition and framing of my pictures. Nonetheless, the inherent uncertain random nature of the Holga never fails to surprise me every time I collect my photos from the lab.

I apologise for being unable to produce the pictures described in the interviews, hence I have added the hyperlinks to their sites. Hopefully their work will inspire you too. While some of these photographers use other equipment, the Holga captures images unique to itself.


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