Three Legged Fun

Why do you need a tripod?

Long exposure shots.

All the pictures were taken with my Holga 120N and Kodak Ektacolor Pro 160. The tripod used was one I purchased from thirty-six36 from Sunshine Plaza and it was modeled after the Gorillapod by Joby. A tiny investment for my attempt to create different pictures with my Holga. This handy little accessory is great for table shots, uneven platforms and even coiling around rods and branches!

Holga on tripod

(I apologize for the low quality image of the Holga and tripod, taken with my phone’s camera.)

nightshot 1
nightshot 2
nightshot 3
nightshot 4
nightshot 5

I timed the exposures to be approximately 30seconds. My favourite shot would have to be nightshot 1, with the random light flare that came up in the picture. Clearly, having a tripod is not enough. Using my hand to depress the shutter and holding it there; my hands were not stable enough, resulting in the blurry details of the pictures. Sharper lines with clearer background details would have made the pictures much nicer. Perhaps a shutter release cable is the next item on the shopping list.

However, this first attempt informs me that 30 seconds exposure is long enough for me to achieve the light lines I intended! I will try this again in time to come.


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