Real Emoticons

As mentioned in the previous post, finding subjects to photograph is really quite difficult in my opinion. In addition, I do not really go on “photo trips/outings” so most of my pictures are portraits of my friends at our gatherings and parties. We usually hang out at night, so the nicer photos are also usually the portraits where the flash only works at such close distances.

I am not really very creative yet; taking photos of a uniform theme or concept is really difficult! However, looking through my pictures from the latest gathering, I see an unintended theme. Here are my friends and their emoticons.

>.O (this is the best wink i could conjure up)
t(-.-t) the fingers have been cropped out in the photo (just kidding)
*handsome (any ideas how to make a handsome emoticon?)
😀 :X ;D (the cheeky 3)

How do you get these faces from your friends? The answer lies in the next picture.

poison for the liver

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