The New Toy

Yesterday, I met up with the seller to pick up the parcel.

The Recesky TLR is a D-I-Y camera. The parts came in a nice styrofoam box and an instruction manual. On the cover, it says “1 Hour” to assemble. It took me about 2 hours. I blame it on difficult to understand instructions, my fat fingers, poor lighting in my room and just bad luck.

A good training of determination and patience, meticulous handling and steady fingers, I completed assembly of the camera. Here are some photos of the camera taken from my phone. Will head out to get some 35mm film.



2 thoughts on “The New Toy

  1. Hello 🙂 I just purchased the same camera but I asked the seller to assemble it to me 🙂 hihi. I was just wondering, if ever I have problem about this camera. can is ask you? Cool blog by the way. Im an analogue Photographer from the Philippines and its been a year since films took my heart away 🙂

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