Ten days are not enough (II)

One day is not enough to experience a city. This might appear to be common sense. Perhaps it boils down to your purpose of traveling but this mini-trip could not have emphasized the point more.

The next part of this series is of the day and night spent in Taichung.

bus ride
typical street

Arriving at Tai Chung Main Station, we took a bus that brought us to our hostel just outside Fengjia Univsersity. The roads were narrow, pedestrians and stalls spilled over, cars drifted into oncoming lanes while overtaking and everybody was honking as politely as they could to warn each other. Though, how polite a honk can be is very debatable. At one traffic light, the bus driver opened the door, a lady ran up with a packet of food and the exchange took less than thirty seconds, clearly this was a daily lunch arrangement.

Ding Wang Spicy Hot Pot
food photo was like a ritual

By the time we reached our hostel, it was approximately 3ish in the afternoon. A friend had recommended Ding Wang Spicy Hot Pot. A quick enquiry at the hostel, the friendly host did a quick online search and we found one closest to our hostel. At 4 in the afternoon of summer, a spicy hotpot was not exactly the best decision but we just had to try this. Thankfully the restaurant’s air-conditioning was pretty good. As we found out later, the Taiwanese loved it and the queue built up at dinner time.

We walked around the area and headed back to Fengjia Night Market. The wide variety of snacks made up my supper before we headed back to the hostel and enjoyed the free cable television.

breakfast for the road
back on track

The next day, we redeemed our free breakfast coupon at the bagel shop round the corner. The night market looked entirely different in the morning sun. The streets were quiet and few shops were open. This construction site appeared to have sprung out of nowhere. We went back to the train station by bus again and headed towards Taipei.


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