Ten days are not enough (III)

The last part of this series – shopping in Taipei. I have been to Taipei four times now and I always enjoy shopping in Taiwan. It is not as cheap as Bangkok but I do think that there are certain clothes and styles unique to Taiwan. Plus, shopping overseas gives me this false sense of security that nobody in your country has the same piece.

Wu Fen Pu Wholesale Market
Goose Meat Noodles

The similarities with Bangkok’s Chatuchak are endless. A maze of stalls and shops, hawkers pushing their carts through the narrow lanes, people walking along as though on a conveyor belt and clothes of all sorts of designs strewn everywhere, it overwhelms you. It is impossible to shop as you would in a mall. You cannot really look through every single shop, every single rack and definitely not every single shirt to find a steal. Actually, I felt that I was shopping for shops. You decide to enter a shop based on the vibe of it, the clothes they display and sometimes, even based on the music they play. Well, with luck, time and patience, this is still a great place to find cheap clothes.

iconic KFC

One of Taipei’s most famous shopping area, there are loads of malls and shops here. The photos are not symbolic of the place but the KFC has always been a landmark for me and my friends, a meeting point when we split up to shop. Almost every place I travel, I try to look out for a Starbucks. I guess to some extent, it shows the “internationalization” of the city and I do enjoy a Java Chip Frappe every now and then.

Lots of youth hang out at Xi Men Ding, some of them just sitting around, people watch and stuff. During this hot summer, many of them flocked to dessert shops and enjoyed a huge nice bowl of “snow ice”. Some other highlights include the famous “Ah Chung Mian Xian”. I miss the Taiwanese food and snacks already.

Lomography in Taipei

Lomography in Taipei! The store is located in a shopping area known as Zhong Xiao – Dun Hua. The closest resemblance you can find in Singapore would be Haji Lane, albeit almost ten times bigger. This area houses rows of independent and local boutiques, shops selling korean imports, restaurants and cafes serving various cuisines. It was pretty fun shopping here, the shops were all uniquely designed, the clothes were nice and you would duck into every other shop to escape the scorching sun. It was difficult to buy anything here though as some shops were really expensive.

Last but not least, I end off this post and this series with one of my favourite shots. A photo of the night lights in the Taipei City. Could have done with a tripod but this would do. All the photos in this series were taken with my Fujica ST605n, a Hand-Me-Down from my aunt.

night lights

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