Artistic Nature

Nature is really interesting. Previously in the army, I was constantly surrounded by thick forests but the circumstances never offered me the chance to observe and appreciate the beauty in nature. Ever since picking up this hobby, I have become more aware of the aesthetics around me. I make the conscious effort to appreciate the forms and functions of objects around me and the intelligent design behind these.

Some time back, I remember watching an episode of “Work of Art”, where contestants had to make art pieces inspired by nature. Nowhere near the talents on the show, I tried seeking beauty in the nature around me as well. I was at a relative’s and took a few photos of the plants around the area.

order is everywhere

Order is everywhere. In nature, in life, everywhere. I wonder if anything is really random. Perhaps there might be some rule or order that creates random. I have no idea if my aunt had intentionally lined up the pots by size or it just happened sub-consciously. I cannot explain how plants acquire their different shapes, but the symmetry in the leaves must have its reasons.

seasons of time

A mess of branches and stems, this bare tree appears to be barely surviving. Perhaps a mechanism of survival, the tree sheds its leaves to retain moisture, yet keeping enough for photosynthesis. The way the trunk supports the tree, the way the branches spread out, it is time for some designer to design a chair on the shape of trees. I believe it must feel very comfortable to be cradled in nature.

lines of age

Does a tree die immediately once it has been chopped off? Does it still contain nutrients within the trunk and support micro-organisms further? Does the fallen tree kill the grass beneath it? Does the tree rot from within first?

There is a certain image of strength in this picture, almost feels as though the tree has not given up on life. The contrasts of the fallen tree on green grass, the smooth clean cut against the rough bark and the different shapes of the trunk from different angles inexplicably makes this one of my favourite pictures.

effects of weathering

Not exactly a plant but to end off, here is a picture that shows the effects of weathering. Regardless concrete or metal, nature and plants will take you down. This block of concrete actually reminded me of the stonehenge, just a little out of place.

These photos were taken with my Olympus 35RC and Fujifilm Superia 200.


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