“I have my own judge in me, and he is always judging me.”

How do we judge success? How do we judge ourselves?

Achieving our dreams would be the benchmark for success. Of course, success manifests itself in different forms to different individuals. By the conventional capitalist definition, success is defined by the one who sits at the top of the food chain, the one who makes the most money and the one who is well-known in his field.

It actually does not matter what your dream is. I say being a fashion designer is more glamorous than being a banker. Sure, there might be more money involved, but that’s another socio-economic debate.

In this video, one line stuck out to me.

“I have my own judge in me, and he is always judging me.”

All successful people, in their own ways, demand a lot from themselves, and the people around them. They possess this drive, this desire, almost to the point of an obsession to reach perfection. And perfection is this elusive cloud, which you can see but cannot seem to grasp.

This judge within ourselves will always demand more, and we will never settle for mediocrity but we have to be prepared to roll up the sleeves and get our hands dirty.


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