MCYS Parenting Series

I recently read a very interesting article on using Game Theory against Kids, and it reminded me of one of my first few projects.

Parenting is probably the most challenging, daunting, yet fulfilling, and (insert any adjective) task ever. My mum used to caned me for everything and I think I’ve turn out fine. Today, parents are told to calmly talk to the wailing child who wants another bag of candies in the supermarket. And then this kid grows up into the rebellious teenager.

MCYS released a series of online videos to promote a parenting website, where parents can learn how to deal with tricky situations, share their stories, and seek professional advice.

This series of videos were greatly inspired by my own childhood. Looking back, my parents did the weirdest things that are now funny in retrospect. I thank my mum for such an eventful life.