The Worst Guide to LA

I love to travel. And I always try to do my research before arriving at my destination so that I appreciate the places, the people, and the culture with a better context.

But to be honest, can you really understand a place in 10 days? Just cause you’ve tasted the best lobster roll from a food truck outside a contemporary museum doesn’t mean you’ve lived like the locals.

No one can tell you what’s the best way to experience a place; they can only share what are some of the fun and dumb stuff to do. 🙂

  1. Visit Abbot Kinney
  2. Try as many cafes as you possibly can – coffee commissary, intelligentsia, refinery, butcher’s daughter…
  3. Take lots of selfies in the glorious sun
  4. Try Shake Shack burger but don’t take out


  1. Make the drive to Watts Locol. I really loved it. 


  1. Go to Coachella. Pay a little more for the resort package. Enjoy the lovely pool in the morning before going to the festival.
  2. Drink the different craft beers available, as many as you can.
  3. Watch James Bay live. Go to the stage early. 
  4. Watch Of Monster and Men live. Go to the stage even earlier.
  5. Take lotsa photos of the ferris wheel and amazing sunsets everyday.

Last but not least, think back to the best holiday you’ve ever had and wonder what you’re doing with your life while sitting at your office desk.


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