CITI ULTIMA “Unparalleled”

CITI ULTIMA “Unparalleled” Newsletter

Designed for the super affluent, the Citi ULTIMA card is all about relationship and service. It boasts a round-the-clock global concierge service among many of its perks. The Citi ULTIMA members have always received printed marketing collaterals in face-to-face meetings with their relationship managers.

Digital was an obvious solution for Citi ULTIMA to engage their members frequently without compromising on the exclusive service.

I created the concept of a newsletter & edm under the brand “Unparalleled” to reflect the member’s status, and the brand promise of extraordinary experiences that could not be replicated elsewhere.

The logo is “unparalleled” in the form of a signature, a reference to the unique individuality of each ULTIMA member. The eDM was programmed to show a unique greeting to every user. The newsletter is designed to be modular and responsive and adapts to any device.

I also wrote the copy for the first edition of Citi ULTIMA “Unparalleled”. 


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