National University of Singapore Student Life

Students behave differently when the professors are watching.

As a graduate from the National University of Singapore, I was very excited to work on this project right from the pitch. I had some great memories from my time, and I really wanted that energy to come through the video.

With so many different faculties, clubs, societies, teams, halls, and infinite amount of activities, it would be impossible for us to capture the essence of student life. So we ran a mini user-generated content campaign. Working with the university administration, an email blast was sent out to the heads of all the different student bodies, asking them to submit clips of their student life.

We had no idea what to expect from the students. And we spent a few days capturing the graduation ceremonies, the school carnivals, camps, and whatever pranks we could get students to pull.

Eventually, our editors worked their magic in the studio and created a final piece that involved the students contributions. This collaborative piece of work resonated with the students and went viral amongst the community very quickly.

We couldn’t have faked those emotions anyway.


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